Rystad Energy - Your Oil & Gas Knowledge House

We are an independent oil and gas consulting services and business intelligence data firm offering global databases, strategy consulting and research products. Our extensive research and product range on global and local markets has strengthened insight and expertise of our longtime clients. We do so by developing confidence and trust in our data and support. Our highly qualified and experienced people help our clients in business development and portfolio strategy, market and trend analysis, benchmarking and competitor assessment. Known for our up-to-date, fast and comprehensive product and service delivery, we engage with E&P and oilfield service companies, investment banks, investors and governments alike.

our vision

To provide transparency in the oil and gas business.

our mission

We help people analyze historical, present and future activities in oil and gas - current, consistent, comprehensive and fast.

our values

We are at all times customer driven and customer focused. We reflect this by providing intelligence, engagement and support throughout the entire product and service delivery. Our employees share trust, respect, competence and innovation - between each other and towards our clients.

what we do

We deliver stand-alone products and advisory services, or a combination of both. Our field-by-field databases allow in-depth analysis of the entire global upstream E&P and oilfield service market. Reports and tools on selected regional topics deliver tailored insight and analysis. Our dedicated consulting team advises clients on strategy, transactions, valuation, market analysis and macro trends.

Throughout our engagement, we continuously reassess the needs of our clients and customize our delivery.

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We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Further presence has been established in Houston, Singapore, London, New York, Sydney, Moscow, Stavanger, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Dubai and Bangalore.

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